Uniting meme crypto projects on eth and bsc like bridges on chains

Well what do u think bout this idea guys about uniting these communities, d oge shi b, fl oki, bdc, and rule the meme crypto world, profits after profits for the teams n there communities the Dev’s and everyone involved, sis can u forward this idea to the Dev’s and bdc father, I’ll do my part trying to involve these communities

That would sound good a united community of f lo ki s h ib do ge and bdc, like European union combined lol

Specially because for example, how eth and bsc and various chains have bridges why, so that a project launched on eth can and are able to launch or bridge with bsc n vice versa, this is just n example of blockchains uniting or Whatever u callit, same goes for respective projects on eth and bsc uniting

Guys I posted my appeal and proposal here, dont u think we together can rule the meme crypto world if this happens and communities uniting