3% transaction tax

It’s clear that the 10% transaction tax is something horrible to everyone.

  1. It keeps our DEX volume low.
  2. Forces people to keep their coins no matter what.
    2.1. Who will try the BabyDoge card if they have to pay 10% to do it?
  3. CEX hate it: they list coins with MUCH less utility than BabyDoge, but with WAY lower tax.
  4. Nobody is gaining anything from it: monthly reflections are 0.25% or somewhere near that.
    4.1. Thus auto-burn doesn’t do anything, and in order to balance, BabyDoge does liquidity burns, which do more harm then good!

The solution? Lower the tax and make BabyDoge fly!
1.5% goes to liquidity
1.5% goes to reflections
This will give a lot of incentive for DEX tradings, CEX listings, etc. And BabyDoge will moon to the heavens :full_moon::fire:

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I like the idea to 0% TAX… “Let the dog out”
But also could be nice 0% Buy and Sell 5%. / (For Donations and Devs)

This can’t be done with the current contract, since (at least to my knowledge) it is hardcoded on a per tx basis, thus only the tax % can vary.

  1. Dev doesn’t need proceedings from taxonomics: they have a huge Treasury wallet
  2. I’m not sure, but donations are also a reflections-enabled wallet, thus they can accumulate over time.
    Thinking more on it… maybe 1% total tax will be best:
    0.5% reflections :arrows_counterclockwise:
    0.5% liquidity :droplet:
    This will probably bring huge dex trading volume, thus more reflections than the current pity 0.1-0.2% per month
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