About Reflections, burn and BabyDogeSwap

Hello Dear Lovely Babydoge holders.
The thing is yes we are still have huge supply even after we burn almost %47. This is amazing and also i am seeing a lot of people wants only burn but no reflection.
This is my idea;

  • First of all if we want to people use DeFi so they need to be reason to hold in wallet. So reflection is a good reason for that. Therefore in that conditions reflections cannot be canceled.
    -However we have a great chance; BabyDogeSwap! On the sneak peak we saw liquidity mining and if there will be a stake chance so why should we also put extra reflections? in that case reflections can be cancelled and stake options can be move on.

  • Also with that chance we can also reduce the tax, for example we can make it %7 so more whales can be interested to buy BabyDoge.

  • General idea is until BDS we can continue about reflections, after BDS there will be no necessary anymore and we can concentrate to burn.

Thank you so much and stay #ImNotBot


I was wondering if we can have just one taxation (When you sell) like 5% and use it for the cause (save dogs)

Sim, concordo sobre às reflexões, queimas eu concordo!