Add utility to babydoge ecosystem

In order to grow…to thrive…and gain mass adoption…every meme thus far has adopted some form of utility. Through utilities we will burn. I want you to look close at Volt inu utility.
Have a defi debit card…you can use to purchase goods in ecommerce. It will be compatible with usdc eth btc xrp. The card offered now isnt really mass utility. Inorder to recieve the card you need a set amount of babydoge in your wallet. This way people will need to purchase babydoge.
Have solid use case. Not just confined to looking after dogs. Maybe a charity that help against all animal cruelty not just dogs. Have partnership reasearcher companies with saving endangered species. Lock an amount of babydoge with these researchers. Even 1 quarter supply or half…these institutions will in turn keep the babydoge and its value will increase…

  1. Design your own app for ecommerce purposes .

  2. Make babydoge a major payment currency of ecommerce world. Just think the burns for purchases…take that market now.

  3. Have widget designed where businesses can put incorporate in their website projects …simply add a Widget to their website with one click. The Widget will allow users to buy their tokens directly from the project’s website and burn them in a few clicks.

This is incredibly valuable since it provides a way for projects to increase their accessibility and reduce their circulating supply. The Widget also helps to increase babyswap adoption.