Baby Doge A.I Clothing Store

This Idea is for Baby Doge To Take People’s A.I Artistic Freedom and Turn It Into Real Life Utility…

Well How?

Baby Doge Having It’s Own A.I Generated Clothing Store That Anyone Can Have Access To; As Long As They Hold Baby Doge.

Regarding The Upcoming Release Of Baby Doge’s A.I Utility, I’m personally excited about it !!

The Memes Are Great. Unleash Your Artistic Imagination With The Help of A.i and Share It Across Social Media Platforms.

But I Was Thinking… The Baby Doge A.I Platform Isn’t Only Limited To Baby Doge…

So Why Limit The Baby Doge A.I Platform To Just Social Media Memes/ NFT’s ?

The Idea Would Be For Baby Doge To Have An Online Clothing Store Where Users Can Upload Their A.I Generated Art or Logo Onto :

T Shirts / Sweatshirts/ Hoodies/ Headwear & more.

And All You Would Have To Do Is Hold Baby Doge To Access The A.I To Upload Art and Logos? I Already Hold Baby Doge !

We Get 50 Max Free A.I Credits Per Billion We Hold!

There Are Minor Details As In Restricting Images That Were Not Generated From Baby Doge’s A.I Platform.

But This Could Maximize The A.I Use Case.

Look At Online Stores Like Etsy… There Are So Many People Who Create Customized Clothing Art From Our Favorite Characters And Make Good Money Selling Clothes !

Baby Doge Could Potentially Put The Power Of Clothing Design Into Anyone’s Hands !

All The User Would Have To Pay For Is The Item itself + shipping.

Example: If I Created An Image And Uploaded My Art Or Logo Onto A T Shirt, I would Pay $20 to $25 + shipping Via My Virtual Baby Doge Card.

I’m Just Spit balling The Idea. If You Think There’s More You Could Expand Upon, Please Do So !

But I Feel , If This Is Doable , It’ll Be A Really Good Idea.