BabyDoge Crisis Response / BabyDoge Rescue Fund

I would love to see us partner with as many local shelters / veterinarian offices as possible. So when a crisis hits a specific area, we’re able to respond to support, and promote the idea of BabyDoge at the same time.

My wife works for a veterinarians office, and the amount of doges that come in and are unable to get the attention they need due to financial constraints is a major pain point. — I’d love to see us support a program where people can apply for a grant to pay medical bills to save a life — or possibly training if the doge just needs rehabilitation.

We can partner with dog trainers, rehabilitation programs and so much more. People would not only invest, they would pay to be apart of all the good we would be doing.

Open to ideas


Love the idea bro !!!


:clap::clap: Totally agree! I mentioned a similar idea in the suggestion forum a few days ago. I think partnering with veterinary clinics along with respected pet stores would help spread the word about our cause and also help increase the public’s exposure to BDC immensely.


Agree, good idea… #savedogs :baby_bottle::dog:


Love this idea <3 would love a Chewy partnership too! We could do SO much with them!


Love this idea!! This is why i fell in love BabyDogeCoin!! Lets not only save them byt help make sure hey are heathy to enjoy their kives but also so they can be around to give the affection their owners love!!

Hi brethren, you know dog can bite and  my suggestion is let the community form an academy to educate our self and others like on how  to value dog or your own dog,on how to train it, awareness of their health conditions etc

And l suggest if the community will form dogs veterination centers across the globe so that babydoge cards, babydoge swap can be more useful and still use babydoge or usdt etc as payment

Babydoge needs more utility

Create a special Baby Doge Wallet, site or directory for certified animal centers or personal were they expose their wallet and explain what their needs. We all should go in person to the shelters and bring them (the baby doge form ) so they can apply and we help, we can also volunteer!