Babydoge Vision

Hello everyone,

With this post I would like to give you a different perspective on things regarding Babydoge.
I used Google translator to create the article, otherwise it would take me several hours to write it.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that the developers have done a very good job up to this point and the project is slowly showing its true strengths.
Thanks also to everyone who supports the project.

Since the developers are very deeply involved in the topic, we also have to support them in order to build a strong future for Babydoge together.
Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the big picture.

So let’s start.
Only around 4% of people in the world use crypto, which is surprisingly little and shows enormous upside potential.
So we are currently trying to pick up these people and involve them in our project, and we know that this market is very competitive.
So what about the 96% who don’t want anything to do with crypto or don’t really know it at all.
Most of these people are skeptical and have the usual means of payment.
But we know that many people like to donate and help in charity.
That is why we need to make a connection between crypto and real utility so that the majority understand that this is not just about digital currency.
And here we come from my point of view to the first topic.
We need to start the Babydoge Foundation and build a website. Where we announce our future projects and events so that people can donate to them.
These donations should then be trackable live on the website.
But why should people donate to us in particular? We are a crypto project after all.
And that’s where all the advantages come from:

We are already a large community and trustworthy. Think about it, if each of us donated just $5, we would already have a pool of over $7.5 million.
We can send large amounts of money to different places in the world faster and more securely than any bank with our crypto currency and thus help faster and be on site than anyone else.
Due to the low fees, we can use the donations more efficiently and thus help even more where it is needed.
To increase the reach we can team up with people like Mr.Beast. Since he is also involved in and helps out in many charities, he will certainly support us as well.
And once the whole thing has started, it will grow so fast that we cant even imagine.
In the future we will not only help with the donations but also build our first Babydoge Medical Center. Where people can get their animals treated and pay their bills with Babydoge.
We will set up the first Babydoge ​​shelters and take care of the animals there.
We will create Babydoge Petshops where people can buy pet supplies and unique merch featuring Babydoge.

We have enormous potential and with the right vision we will create something really big.
Dogecoin and Shib were like “one hit wonders” and nobody needs them. If we focus too much on the digital area, we will end up looking like the other two “Meme Coins”.
Only with the right balance and the transition to real benefits will we be very successful in the long term. Dont forget, the majority does not use Crypto yet. So we have to pick up these people and integrate them into our project.

That’s it for now. I hope I could give you another view of what we could be able to do. And of course anything needs time but only if we sow the seeds in time will we be able to reap.

Thank you for reading! Have a good day !


We can definitely have potential to grow in all directions! :+1: good vision!