Burn 50% of BSC network transaction fee automatically in NULL wallet , Stop paying reflections


Burn 50% of BSC network transaction fee automatically in NULL wallet , Stop paying reflections.

Explanation: “The BSC network transaction fee is equivalent to 10%. The idea is to burn 50% of the network fee which is equal to 5% of the 10% charged for transaction on Bsc Babydoge.”


Burn 50% … Stop Reflection … yesssssssss


The BSC network transaction fee is equivalent to 10%. The idea is to burn 50% of the network fee which is equivalent to 5% of the 10% charged for the transaction on Bsc Babydoge.

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pode queimar, chega de reflexões.

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Burn! GO GO GO :rocket:

Over on the Babydoge suggestion forum, there is a poll on this subject, the CEO Babydogefather was asked to evaluate and approve it as an official poll to be considered with Babydoge’s more than 1.7 million investors.

Let’s hope the CEO supports the reflection payment stop and converts the reflection percentage to NULL burn portfolio.


This is the only way to accelerate burns to reduce in real time every Babydoge transaction on the BSC Binance Smart Chain network.

Since the community is hitting hard and asked to burn in the BSC, if the community gives up the reflections received in the wallet, we can send the Reflections to be eliminated in the Burning NULL Wallet and that is the sustainable way to reduce the Babydoge BSC.


The idea suggested in the vote that is on the Babydoge forum, basically is when the individual makes a transaction, automatically at the rate of 10% of the BSC network, 5% (Half of the fees), it can be automatically burned in the NULL wallet.

It’s a way to reduce Babydoge’s supply, without hurting the project’s budget and automatically meeting the community’s concerns about the huge requests related to burning in the BSC network.

This suggestion, I think, is more objective than feeding the community with reflexes that (Increase currency circulation in the network) going against the Deflationary principles and keeping part of the investors upset for not having Burn in the BSC network layer.

Since the project does not have a large amount of Quadrilhoes to burn on the BSC as the community wishes, this suggestion above seems very timely and will have much more effect as it has already been burned on the ETH network as well,


The Baby Doge Coin project needs to stop paying Network Reflection, as this feeds people as if it were something like a kind of airdrop, this also helps to put more coins into circulation and goes against the principles of the deflationary system that Babydoge defends. Stop Reflection, Burn Reflection => Wallet NULL :slight_smile:


They should immediately Stop Reflection payments, take the reflection equivalent and burn in the NULL Wallet automatically, I bet we would have a significant daily number of burns in the BSC and then we can attract more people.

People have to be attracted by the project and not by Reflections , reflections have almost the same effect as Airdrop , cotton candy in the mouth that dissolves, melts and does not appear or has no effect on the deflationary issue.

In fact, when reflexes are put into circulation, we are simply going against the principles of deflation, yes we are inflating, inflating Babydoge’s BSC Network.

It didn’t even burn 5 Trillions in the last 24 hours on the BSC network. A lot will say: "Obviously we have a low market, little volume and etc… Tarara…

But look at it the other way around, imagine if the reflexes generated went to the NULL wallet burning automatically, imagine how many trillions it would burn per day? Can you visualize how much of Babydoge can be destroyed, burned and taken out of circulation?

I’d rather buy more Babydoge than see wallet reflection falling and inflating our daily circulating supply.

I think it’s more useful for us to make a sacrifice as a community to let Babydoge burn half of the network fees of each transaction in the Null card and reap good results soon, than to sit there, complaining about burning in the BSC, not seeing the desired results in an expected period .

BabydogeCoin is more useful than its 2014 Father , we just need to put a faster gear on coin elimination, keep delivering and meet deadlines and automatically dozens of Exchanges will want us and we will be as well listed as Pai Doge, yes Babydoge It’s money to get your foot out of the mud, everything you promise, they deliver and I’m very happy that this project also helps dogs and cats, I realize that the CEO is a generous man with a good heart.


This will do nothing if the tax amount isn’t reduced to 1% (0.5% burn, 0.5% staking). This huge tax kills our volume and if we reduce the tax, our volume will moon, and thus the burns and staking too.

On reflections:
Just noting here that reflections do not inflate the circulating supply since they come from the circulating supply. That said, team should ask CEX-es what to do with reflections, since CEX-es are among the biggest holders of babydoge.


Reflexão só está dificultando a subida de preço, é preciso para já com isso o que vai forçar as pessoas a colocar em stake.

Outra coisa interessante é tirar a taxa de compra, e baixar para 5% a taxa de venda.

Estes 5% fica com a equipe, e a equipe se comprometa a toda semana queimar uma quantidade expressiva de token.


Esse tipo de moeda a longo prazo é muito interessante.