Burn Wallet gets much less than 2.5%!

-every transaction, pays 10% tax.
-5% is reflected to all the holders, including “burn wallet”

  • as burn wallet, owns ~half of the tokens, it should get 2.5% of all transactions

But this is far from what’s happening!

for example in the past 24h transactions:

  • total babydoge volume = 6201 T. (trillion) cions

  • 2.5% of this volume is 155 T. (which should have been burnt)

but according to the dead wallet balance,
only 9.9 T. coins have been burned during past 24h!!

so instead of %2.5; burn rate, have been equal to %0.16 !!

WhAT is happenning?

you can follow the dead wallet stats from:


The same thing is happenning about the normal holders!

  • about 1/4 of coins are in normal wallets

so %5 * 1/4 wich is %1.25 of transactions should be rewarded to normal wallets

but if you check a normal Trust Wallet,
instead of a rate of %1.25 rewards, you would see a rate of ~ %0.08 - %0.09 rewards!

Did CWO’s comments resolve your concerns? If not, I’m sure the moderator can post their response. This coin has serious potential if we stop selling and just buy and HODL.



The reflections are automatically divided between all wallets based on how much each wallet has. This also builds into the auto burning and deflationary part of the token. The burn wallet is counted as a holder that gets reflections. It also holds nearly half of the total supply. This means almost half of the reflections are sent to the burn wallet and that will only increase. Also note, you only get reflections if you hold the tokens in your own wallet like TrustWallet or MetaMask and you likely will not receive any reflections if you’re holding in a centralized exchange or while staked.

I actually just addressed this because a similar type of question was asked about why 10% tax didn’t apply to trades on a CEX.

Only DEX volume triggers reflections.

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Thank you CWO and Jasper, and good luck both …

This “inter-CEX tax-free transactions” counts for my question, and the reason of why burn rates are so low comparing to transaction Volumes …

But now, some would say that when most of the trades of Babydoge, (about ~90%) is on CEXs
the “burn Volume / Trade Volume” ratio will remain about ~ %0.16-%0.2 !!!

considering the same ratio about the “fee coins” wich are led to the LP!

by easy math calculations:

  • real Circulation Supply is about 100 quadrillion.

according to long-term “24h Volume” averages;

  • every ~ 20 days, Babydoge’s Circulation Supply, has a complete 100% circulation

  • in every complete circulation, an average of ~%0.36 tokens get out of Circulation supply

as a result, it’d take ~ 5 to 7 decades!!! for the circulation supply, reaching as low as 1 quadrillion!

But this burning rate seems nor encouraging, neither hyper-deflationary, as it’s claimed to be, by us; the community members!

You also have to remember that there are manual burns and other things to encourage burning like the burn portal, plus the upcoming game and payment card. These likely won’t make a huge difference but every little bit adds up as the project builds. But even with those, you can’t expect 99% of the supply to burn in 5 years, it’s a much longer game than that. Also, just like every other crypto out there, there are decimal places. Bitcoin has a max supply of 21 million but it’s also 2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshis. It’s all just a number.

CEX volume might not contribute to the burning but it does expose the coin to more investors and more possible volume which can drive the price much easier than any burns will.

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I think he is right this should be done effectively