Creation of a BLOCKCHAIN

opinion here from the community, what do you think about the team launches baby doge BLOCKCHAIN, this in the future with suply 420 trillion,
that in some ways the baby would be more welcome to the holders.

1 Open source based BLOCKCHAIN ​​> XRP, BNB or other, faster.

2 This would create a varios token like bnb blockchain making all tokens based on BDC baby doge coins (BDC20 NETWORK) and this would cause BDC to increase its CMC valuation and burn BDC coins on Transactions networks…

3 Partner with a banking institution, with its Blockchain network, for example XRP and its technology together with SWIFT, making fiat enter this cryptographic world forever.

in the future a CEX.

4 What would your opinions be below.
or someone who improves the new tokenomics.



We need to increase the external focus on BabyDoge, looking for solutions that make it appear more and more, and looking for new investors!



how to create a blockchain anyone knows pls explain me guys?