Gaming Donations Youtube/Twitch

Hello Ben

I have an Idea for the Community

So its clear that the Gaming Business is very big.

My Idea is

Streamers are becoming very much Donations from the Viewers i see on big Streams 4000$-10000$ Donations what is when we make a Streaming Tip service where Peoples Donate to the Streamers? it helps to increase the Burn Rate and Increase the Holders :fire: the Bigest streaming platforms are Youtube and Twitch and they are supportet of teepee / Streamlabs for example.

My idea nr 2 compared to the other is to Make an own Streaming Platform BabyDogestreams and use big Influencers and Streamers to make marketing for the services. There we can add Babydoge as a paymentmethod for tips and you can pay the Streamers with adds👍 it will be a big thing and its anything that noone has before

Greetings Digi

What will the donations go to?