Manual burning to below 1 Quad by Dev, Automatic Burning by Holder, and project other

Hi Dev and Team BabyDogeCoin,
I want manual Burning until the remaining supply circulates below 1 Quadrillion by dev and the rest let Automatic Burning be carried out by Holders and Exchanges, to increase investors and attract attention such as large exchanges, payment instruments, and large companies can cooperate with babydogecoin.

To follow up on my wish (in this case the babydogecoin holder), please make a Vote for us to decide together in making decisions so that we can walk together.

Please my opinion can be understood and acted upon.

hopefully always healthy


I do agree with u. I also like burning of babydoge.

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Uhm… how? What’s your suggestion on how to manualy burn below 1Q ?

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hello bro,
this takes time and a supply of under 1 Quadrillion won’t happen in 2022…

this is my suggestion and Dev can do regular manual burning every month until supplies run out.

BabyDogeCoin supply at CMC has also been updated, it’s all about patience and ideas from Dev.

I believe BabyDoge Will overtake or same with Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in the future.

We all holder want about that.

Holder BabyDoge Will loyality with BabyDogeCoin and very thank you in the Dev.

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Suggestions for burns:

  • System in both of the games with transactions of Baby Doge (that will bring us burns);
  • Spreading the word of Baby Doge (through Twitter, competitions, etc);
  • Manual burns of Baby Doge Coin every month (that will increase the % of dead wallet, then, more automatic burns);
  • Or even, my biggest wish, the 5% or even more BDG fee of each transaction get burned.