Most of babydoge holder in BSc

Most of the babydoge holders are in BSC. Only a few exist in ETH. I think, leave only 5Q in ETH, and burn at least 80Q in BCS. And then Stop Reflecting, and make a slow buy back. more cooperation with other parties such as pet shops, etc. Hopefully in the near future can kill 3 zero.

Is this part of the reason why Babydoge is so low at this time? And could you please help me understand the split between ETH and BSC and why did they decided to have ETH burn 100Q. In allowing ETH to assist with the burn does that mean that what the community has invested in is used in someway as a fee for ETH to assist with the burn. Because I’m sure things like this are not for free.
Please if you can help me understand this more better.
Big Thanks :pray: