Reduction of transaction tax to 9%

Currently, every BabyDoge transaction incurs a 10% transaction tax. It consists of 5% redistribution to holders and 5% added to liquidity. Since Baby Doge now has very substantial liquidity, I propose the following adjustment:

  • Redistribution to holders is increased to 6%.
  • The amount added to liquidity is reduced to 3%.
  • This results in a total transaction tax of only 9%.


  • Baby doge holders get more reflections!
  • For each transaction, the burn wallet receives more tokens, which means a higher burn rate!
  • The transaction tax decreases!
  • We are below the psychological limit of 10% transaction tax, which attracts more traders, which means more trading volume!

Please share your opinion on this topic. For example:

  • Yes, we should adjust the transaction tax as described.
  • No, we should keep everything the way it is.

Total tax 5% all in burn


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