Reflection and tokens distribution

Reflection is not clear to me. Holders get 5% of the fees. But how is it divided between holder? Do you get more when you have more tokens or it is divided by number of holders and it does not matter how many coins you have?

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The reflections are automatically divided between all wallets based on how much each wallet has. This also builds into the auto burning and deflationary part of the token. The burn wallet is counted as a holder that gets reflections. It also holds nearly half of the total supply. This means almost half of the reflections are sent to the burn wallet and that will only increase. Also note, you only get reflections if you hold the tokens in your own wallet like TrustWallet or MetaMask and you likely will not receive any reflections if you’re holding in a centralized exchange or while staked.


thank you CWO;
My Cex doesn’t give reflections on babydoge.
but it also does not apply the 10% fee (tax) on each transaction!!!

I’m seriously confused!
how do the CEXs deny to obey babydoge protocols?! i mean how can they dodge the tax?!!
before this, i just thought that babydoge’s smart contract applies the 10% protocol to all transactions; wether CEX transactions or DEX ones!

Do you have any idea on this?

This is because when you deposit coins on a CEX, your transactions within the CEX are not done on the blockchain. They’re just numbers within their system. The only transactions that are done on the chain itself are deposits and withdrawals.