Shop ideas for burning the supply

Instead of straight out buy back and burn or a liquidity burn etc, use that money to create limited edition merch, for example, a real silver, gold or platinum coin/coins of the Babydoge Coin/token. Limited edition Dog/cat Collars with a babydoge badge with genuine birth/adoption month stones etc. Maybe a clothing label that can create animal clothing that can also be limited etc. Maybe NFT badges for charity sponsorship etc,it will show it was responsible in being apart of it. example of that, babydoge logo saying My 500$ help save dogs etc.

These limited edition items will not be cheaply made, They will be quality items people will want and at the same time will have value in itself in the community and outside of the community. That merch will then be sold or auction using BDC, The BDC is then 100% burned. You Can use the community to draw up designs, hold a contest etc to accomplish this.

The only problem with buy back and burn it does not require much for one to get involved in the community. Sure burning in itself is great but that is something alot of projects do and does not generate the major hype it use to have years ago. By doing all this it will involve the community more and can create hype/buzz creatively for possible new investors throughout the process. Imagine the possible news articles? Babydoge team to auction/offer unique precious metal coins items to burn its supply etc.

The burn portal is a nice feature but besides the added feature of lower fees what other incentive is there? It will die down after a couple months and become a useless thing that will be rarely used. By doing it this way it allows people/investors to feel they are getting something they want and if auctioned, paying extra to obtain it will not feel wasted cause of that.

If that is not possible, If a store can be created where all profits that can go towards the burning of supply with normal merch as well as limited merch. can make it automated, you can contract small businesses around the world to make these items. Its also possible there are people in the community that can make these items.

But if a store is made in this way, please use the ones that make quality items not just some sweat shop production manufacturer cause of cost. cheaply made items will only hurt the community. Maybe even find businesses willing to take babydoge as payment. What do you all think of these ideas?

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Hello, yesterday I also had an idea similar to yours without reading your post. The ideas are similar but could coexist in a single e-commerce. I thought of creating a site for the sale of products for dogs and in general for pets. Food for dogs and cats, leashes, harnesses, etc. We are more than 1.6M of babydoge hodlers and many of us own pet animals. We create it