Simplify Burning 🥵

I feel a good portion of holders and non-holders are understandably confused when it comes to burning supply. One of the reasons, is that despite the burning mechanism, we still distribute reflections. Is there not a way to negotiate the taxes of needed to where distribution of tokens are no longer provided? Meaning, when we burn 100 for example, it truly removes 100 from supply, as of now during the same time period 100 can be removed from supply and at the same time reflections are distributed, so ultimately that 100 number we saw and promote as burn, doesn’t actually account for reflections which is now added to circulating supply.

Writing this made me even more confused and I feel we have more than enough that can relate. How can simplify our burning mechanism? Remove reflections, if we burn 100, then 100 is removed completely and no additional coins were added.