Simulation Project


I have a project idea,

We need to built a simulation like airplane driving simulation.

For example : We know How the airplane simulation works , If we apply some parameters the plane will take off , flies and it will land.

Like that we need to simulate how the person life will go.


  1. If they are habitat the daily gym activities, the simulation has to show how their transform will be.
  2. If they are addicted to alcohols or drugs ,the simulation has to show how their life will go.

Like that good and bad habits need to show in simulation.

For that simulation we need to use our BabyDogecoin for the payment.

It will helps lots of people.

Because if people’s are aware of what’s going to happen they will appreciate it and they will follow it

Need your suggestion.

Have a Nice Day

Thank you


S Britto Aantru