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The global Pet Accessories market was valued at 1780.11 Million USD in 2021

Why are we not making babydoge branded leads, harnesses, chew toys, poo bags, dog bowls ect ……

And use the revenue to donate to charity or buyback and burn, use it for advertising its a market that is there and massive market we are related to we should tap into it


As we know maybe last year,there was a commotion in the Telegram BDC group about “Migrate” even though BDC Team just wanted to ask our opinion.

From there we see many people do not like to “Migrate”, many arguments until there are those who quarrel about it. So If we don’t want to Migrate or not to Stop Reflection, what other options do we have? We can’t ask BDC Team to burn more large supply on monthly😅

Honestly I doesn’t like to choose “Migrate”, I would rather choose to “Stop Reflection” so we can burn more than before and who knows maybe it would give BDC a better chance to listed on major exchanges

And yes if we choose to “Stop Reflection” doesn’t mean we want to get rich overnight,it’s option to reduce BDC supply.We as part of the community need to make the best decisions for the future of BDC because we are the best & strong comunity :muscle:t2:

A recurring buy feature on the babydoge swap where regardless of the price you can set daily weekly monthly buys from anything from 1$

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Hello, I own an online advertising company and I reward members in Baby Doge Coins for using my advertising platform. Will there be a place for us business owners to post our businesses on your site, a place where members can post sites that take Baby Doge or reward members with Baby Doge? Our businesses are trying to help spread the word and trying to help introduce more people to Baby Doge Coin.

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When the babydoge swap main net goes live half the buy tax for as a celebration gesture and get the volume up as much as we can get some big momentum going