Suggestions about burn and reflection

  1. The second-ranked address holds 59q, accounting for 14.17% of the total. But except for the coins that have been burned, it accounts for 28% of the remaining amount, which is too high, and I think the development team should burn a part of it

  2. The top 20 addresses hold 82% of the total, which means that 82% of the reflection points are given to the top 20. Except for the first two addresses, most of the others are exchanges. Exchanges have swallowed these reflections and can directly sell these cost-free coins. This behavior has been driving down the currency price, which is unfair to all other currency holders . I think reflection should be canceled, or like eth, a pledge mechanism should be established, and only users who participate in the pledge can get reflection

  3. The tax rate can be reduced, but the burns should be kept, which is a guarantee of deflation

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