Swap Suggestion ☺️☺️

Dear Babydoge Coin Developers,

I would like to express my gratitude for the work you have done so far. In this difficult market, you have demonstrated that, thanks to your skills and the solidity of the community, the Babydoge Coin project is well consolidated.

I would also like to propose a small idea regarding the Swap feature during the purchase of Babydoges. I would like there to be an option that allows you to choose what to do with 5% of the reflections while always keeping 5% for the burn.

Some possibilities could be:

  1. 5% burned + 5% distributed equally to the community

  2. 5% burned + 5% for donations (donation wallet)

  3. 10% burned

This proposal stems from my desire to have control over the decisions regarding the remaining 5%, whether to donate it, burn it, or dedicate it to some other purpose.

I hope that my proposal can be considered during the next meeting.

Best regards.

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