Understand Reality

Fist I applaud helping our canine friends. The taxation is not insurmountable, but it makes selling and buying the token very difficult. In order for this token to actually work itself down to a manageable number people must have incentive to sell it and re-buy it. That is not possible under the current situation. Even if we burned all the quadrants that are available to burn there are still quadrillions out there being held. If baby doge is to obtain a .00001 value people will have to buy and sell and bring their personal assets below trillions. As long as individuals own so much of the coin, it cannot truly depreciate as the model intends. My idea for babydoge is as follows:

1 - The monumental amount of quadrillion’s available to burn must be liquidated by the developers. If holders buy up a majority of these quadrillion’s, the token will stagnate and die.

2 - The tax on the token cannot continue in its present form in perpetuity. At some point if quadrants are eliminated and the price rises, people will need to sell, which will bring the price back down at which time people will buy back in and this cycle will be repeated several times, to eliminate the quadrillions being held.
Currently, if you sell and buy back in that is a 20% margin and the price doesn’t move that quickly. My suggestion is that the taxation either be just on purchases and not on selling. This would definitely promote holders to sell and not maintain such high quantities, so that the token may still be deflationary after developers reduce the supply. The magic number for four zeros seems to be a round the 400 to 600 trillion mark. Mind you that that will only get you those four zeros and will never get you to a penny. The numbers will never work otherwise after the token is in the mid-trillions it can still take many years of deflation to bring it anywhere near a penny.

3 - Everyone should understand that when people buy and sell tokens money is not only made but money is lost. Money is only changing hands in a gamble. That’s why it is essential that tokens be bought and sold continuously and not just held. The tokens utility as payment for goods is useless. Vendors cannot take a 20% loss nor can the buyers of products. If there were some mechanism for buying products without the taxation from the coin, either by the seller, or the buyer, that utility could be much better than it is. I understand the concept that the developers had when they made so many quadrillions, and made the token deflationary with the taxation plus helping our canine friends I think, baby doge has a following similar to the other doge coins, Shiba, and doge. Doge will eventually die because it’s inflationary and the numbers won’t allow it to work after it grows too much. In that regard a deflationary token is superior, but it must pass a barrier so that the numbers will make sense. The developers need to decide whether they want this token to try to survive 20 to 30 years to obtain a better value or to speed up that process to occur within 2 to 3 years. I’m sure anyone can see the latter will keep peoples attention much more than the preceding. It’s imperative that the developers realize stagnation will kill the token.

There are so many things to consider, and if the developers are truly listening, then they should understand that acting quickly is in everyone’s best interest for this coin, to become substantial, and not just another token. They have done a great job, especially with babydoge swap. But some of the points that I have expressed need to be attended to in a timely manner. Thank you for your time.