"When Binance/Coinbase/Robinhood?"

Hello everyone. I’m a holder of BDC by some months and I’m pretty active in some Telegrams groups and I’d like to share some thought some veterans have. It’s very common to see people commenting “When Binance?” or other some crypto exchange. That is the point by now, we, the Baby Doge Holders, we don’t need Binance by now, and veterans even don’t want it. We need a huge burn and, maybe the most important thing, the economic space change (as you see, BTC and other crypto are being affected mainly by the war). So that’s why Binance would be in a way bad for the BDC development and acceptation BY NOW.

I hope you guys liked and understand my point of view and feel free to share your thoughts here below :arrow_down: :slight_smile:


i’ll can see the amazing future of the babydogecoin :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: