Reflection stopage

I would like to suggest that the Dev team should stop reflection and burn those coins instead that’s my opinion since we have too much coin


Most of the reflections are already being burned since the burn wallet is the biggest holder


I think we would loose a lot of holders if they stopped reflections.


At this moment I don’t think it would make that much difference, if we want more burn from tokenomics we need to have more people use defi. example BabyDogeSwap, pancakeswap etc.


I dont need a reflection. I dont know if others do. At this point we gotta stop reflections and burn those reflections. That will help to reduce the circulating supply


Still they have to stop all those reflections and put it in the dead wallet


Thats not gonna cause any lose of holders. Look at other projects with no reflections. Still they got holders. Holders care much more about having good price point with investment. Once they burn those reflections to reduce supply . Thats gonna attract big exchages to list us and attract big investors


I totally agree with you guys & that’s what BabyDoge Team needs to do. Baby Doge Team needs to stop reflection & start burning on transactions so we can reduce circulation supply even faster.I know maybe around 40% of holder not agree but we must to know not everyone uses a defi wallet & the whales is still waiting for an opportunity to buy.So i hope why not BDC Team make another proposal to community to Stop Reflection.
“Every bitter must have its sweetness“

Tq love BabyDoge Family


Thank you my brother stopping reflections will not bring loss in holders,holders Care much about price though


It actually benefits whales having reflections because they take soo much more than we do

Also you say give whales an opportunity to buy the market cap is around 300million thats crazy low thats what smart investors look for! Its all about maximising their potential growth

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I also agree to stop the reflections. Its more like an inflation and holding us down.
I hope the BDC-Team will start a proposal that we can vote to stop it.
We could add the percentage of reflections per transaction to the percentage of burns per transaction.
So additional burns every month arent needed anymore and we can use the BDC for the swap to create different pairs like BDC/BNB and so on and to get some other utilities.


i totally disagree with stopping reflections. This NOT a get rich overnight investment. I love the reflections and watching my bag grow. That’s my incentive for holding and not selling. I get a cut from all the traders.


Haha. Stopping reflections doesnt mean get rich overnight. Where you get that kind of mentality? How does that make you rich overnight. Even that stops people from buying as they gain over a long period of time

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Not sure if this is possible but why cant we create a platform where you can allocate where your reflections go 50% to your wallet 25% to the burn wallet and 25% to the charity wallet as an example

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I think it’s going to be possible on BabyDogeSwap.

I would dump all my baby doge if they stopped reflections

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Agree just burn leave 0.5q

Ok we have bd forum but the question is if devs read this? And even if they do…do they care about these opinions? Why they keep that silly supply for so long? Why there is some stupid voting for burning 50q of eth. Many people asking what is the difference between burning 50q eth and 3q bsc. They don’t even respond and from holders there is 20 different answers

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There is only 1 answer I’ve got for burners. You can’t just magically burn 99%. We live in a real world, not sci-fi.

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If you hold Baby Doge by even some years, you may not even be possible of pay the 10% fee though the reflections. It is not big deal, it have a nice idea, but we need and will be better for the community burns instead of reflections.

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